DreamHost promotion: $50 discount on shared hosting!

DreamHost Promotional DiscountWant to signup DreamHost and you are tired of searching valid / working coupon codes? There a a deal for you!

DreamHost offers a great promotion* for new customers: $50 one-time discount on shared hosting plans. If you want to use the new exclusive offer and save some money on web hosting, you have to go directly to DreamHost promotional page hereGood luck!

*Short description of this promotional offer: Get a 200% faster web hosting plan now with SSD’s for just $9.95/mo $5.78/month. Includes 1 free domain name, unlimited space and bandwidth! Offer ends 03/10/2016. New customers only.

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Dreamhost many years hosting my own domains

I’ve used DreamHost for many years hosting my own domains and some for friends and family. I’m a developer with limited server admin knowledge and I find the control panel extremely helpful and easy to use. Whenever I’ve needed support I’ve got the answer I needed within a few hours although UK/US time difference affects the wait. One thing I love is that you can reply to their automated emails and support will get back to you directly – why can’t everyone do this? So much more customer friendly than “Do not reply” emails.

The domain registration is simple, but could be enhanced by allowing multiple domains to be registered simultaneously – maybe the answer is to prepay some money to my account?

Overall I’m very satisfied although I am a probably a pretty light user of the DreamHost service.

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My first short review abou DreamHost

DreamHost does production web server upgrades/updates during normal business hours! Their excuse is because of their staff – they want to have plenty on hand – which is great, however any professional web hosting company knows that you perform updates/upgrades on customers’ production web servers AFTER HOURS. DreamHost needs to hire more support people to be able to handle AFTER HOURS updates/upgrades as MOST professional web hosting companies do.

Sincerely, Dymon H. (Canada)

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Amazing uptime and stability – I really like DreamHost

I really like DreamHost! The best thing about DreamHost is their amazing uptime and stability. I have used many cheaper hosting services previously and have always had at least some problems with their uptime and support. But I got tired of all those super cheap hosts and decided to try a “real” hosting provider instead. And from recommendations from friends, I went with DreamHost.

I have no experience with their support service though. Why? Because, I have never had any problems, everything have worked flawlessly! And then you need to keep in mind that I have had it up on DreamHost for about one year now, and there have been absolutely no downtime what so ever. The support is open 24/7 though, so I would expect it to be good. I have never had any troubles with the speed either, it’s fast, and very stable. Continue reading

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DreamHost support – great service

Support is a key aspect when it comes to using a great service. They need to have lower wait time for support staffs to answer your questions and rectify issues quickly. To me, you need to have a prestigeous 24/7 support system that includes live chat and DreamHost succeeds tremendeously well in this area. Literally, I submitted an email to the support team asking various questions on the services they provide and they responded back within 3 hours. In most cases, other companies will respond within or after 24 hours (usually after 5-6 hours).

They were extremely patient and pleasant with me and all of my random questions I asked.

In terms of billing and package selection, they have a great scheme for this. They provide a standard monthly billing, annual billing and a 2 year billing. On top of that, their Labor Day sale was a huge bonus for me as I was able to grab it at a discounted rate of 64% for a year. Honestly, who can beat that? Continue reading

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Quality web hosting at a great price

If you’re looking for a place to park your blog, or your personal or business website, here are some options for you to get probably the best value out there on the ‘net while saving some money and/or supporting dreamhostcoupon.info

The thing that makes this promo code web hosting such a good deal is that it’s provided by a ‘non-fly-by-night’ operation, and at present it is offering unlimited domains with each web hosting account!

  • Regular pricing starts at $7.95/m with a 2 year contract or $9.95/m on a monthly basis.
  • To sign-up on these terms and donate all the referral benefits to dreamhostcoupon.info click here If you want to share the benefits with us, use coupon promo code ROCKET to recieve 50% off a 1 or 2 year prepaid signup.
  • Go ahead and browse the Dreamhost site and the rest of the web for reports and reviews on the company, but be sure to come back here to sign up so that this has the chance to benefit us both (using the promo code should work in either case).
  • After you’ve discovered how happy you are, send others to this page so they can benefit as well.
  • We also recommend Dreamhost for drupal hosting.
  • Yes, dreamhostcoupon.info is hosted with Dreamhost.
  • If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, they will refund your money up to 3 months after purchasing.

Please use coupon code ROCKET to get 50% discount on yearly DreamHost web hosting plan. Enter this coupon when sign up to get this discount.

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DreamHost features that really rocks

Here are list of 10 unusual useful features from DreamHost web hosting:

  1. One-click installs. 100% automatic setup for WordPress, Joomla, PHPbb, MediaWiki, Zen Cart, Gallery, activeCollab, WebCalendar & Advanced Poll.
  2. Snapshot backups. We love this: automated hourly, daily & weekly quick ‘n’ dirty backups for all your sites.
  3. Htaccess support. Handy for auto-rewriting clean URLs in WordPress etc.
  4. Free private WHOIS hosting. Go Daddy charge $4.99 per year per domain for this. Go figure.
  5. Ruby On Rails support. All the Web 2.0 cool kids are using it, you know.
  6. Unlimited email aliases. Setup 100s of emails for your so-called ‘friends’.
  7. Full Unix shell. Perfect for a Tron-style geek off or, um, using Linux.
  8. POP3 / SMTP email. Works with everything from Outlook to Gmail. IMAP access. Server-hosted email, if that rocks your world.
  9. SpamAssassin filtering. One click turns you into a spam-fighting ninja.
  10. AWStats web analytics. Rough ‘n’ ready web stats ready to roll.
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10 reasons why DreamHost rocks

Forget other web hosts with too-good-to-be-true introductory offers. Free software! Free domain transfers! We’ll send your mother-in-law flowers!

Enough. For us, the big difference with DreamHost is the sheer number of features DreamHost users get gratis. Ask other hosts to match this and you’ll likely get an awkward silence.

So take a deep breath. Here’s reasons why DreamHost rocks:

  1. Wowzer that’s cheap. Except ‘cheap’ might imply poor-quality, so let’s go with the less-catchy-more-precise “Quality hosting from $5.95/month”
  2. Unlimited bandwidth. No minimum terabytes. Yes, terabytes.
  3. Unlimited disk space. No disk space minimum. TRUE.
  4. Full PHP support. PHP5, or PHP4 for the old-school.
  5. Unlimited MySQL databases. Host all your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons league tables in one place. Or database-driven sites. Your choice.
  6. Full CGI access. Perl and Python scripts run free, as nature intended.
  7. Unlimited sites. Host all your *cough* specialist sites in one place.
  8. Unlimited domain/sub-domain hosting. Gather round, gang – everyone’s invited!
  9. Free domain name. Because freebie gimmicks sometimes work.

And much more… DreamHost rally rocks!

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Save 50% and more with DreamHost promo code

Save $50/year with our exclusive DreamHost promo code. To get this damn-near unbeatable deal, just use the DreamHost discount code ROCKET when you sign up at DreamHost.

Be sure to note in your diary that your 97 day money back guarantee is up. If you are not thrilled by DreamHost’s low cost, great service and features, ask for full refund. Cheers!

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DreamHost’s service quality is by far the best

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of negative posts in the forums about DreamHost’s service quality. I’d like to say, that I have never had any trouble whatsoever and that I’m very pleased with their service.

I’ve been hosted with at least six different companies in the past, and DreamHost is by far the best. Their servers are blazing fast, they offer tons of disk space and bandwidth, and they don’t try to cheat you like other companies.

Their support team is really good too. I’ve contacted support several times, and I usually got a reply to my question in under 2 hours. I always got a reply in under 12 hours. The support is very helpful, too.

So far, my only complaint with DreamHost has been that the control panel is a little confusing. It’s extremely powerful, but it is not as easy to use as cPanel. Otherwise, I heart DreamHost. They are by far the best web hosting company I have ever used. I will definately be a loyal customer for a long while.

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