Dreamhost Linux and OS review

Having a lot of options is important to many webmasters, especially those who use Linux hosting. Because Linux is open source software, webmasters benefit from the flexibility of having a web hosting service provider that offers a lot of options. DreamHost offers one shared Linux hosting plan, but its filled with all the best features that you need in order to make the best webpage possible.

This includes, but is not limited to, unlimited domains, bandwidth, and disk space, email accounts, and MySQL databases. This is more than enough to be able to run your website in almost any way you want it. You will, however, get a divers set of options from DreamHost if you plan to run your Linux hosting under VPS web hosting services. There are around 5 packages under this type of service, each one especially designed to meet a particular set of needs for different webmasters.

DreamHost also provides a dedicated plan for advanced Linux hosting webmasters. More than that, DreamHost also allows you to customize their existing plans to suit your needs.

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