DreamHost Xoops CMS hosting review

Xoops nowadays is very popular software that allows webmasters like you to create website online with few clicks of the mouse, easy and securely. This cms is an excellent piece of software, so if you are in doubt whether to choose Xoops over others, don’t hesitate because it have shown excellent results. It is powering many sites and have a large user base.

Over the years Xoops have grown up into full featured and powerful cms that supports templates and extension, along with all the standard content management software features. You may create a gallery, or forum, or ecommerce site, easy. The GPL license and open-source code are a plus. So choose Xoops today and create your online presence instantly.

Xoops hosting requirements are not special – a php with mysql support. DreamHost have the latest software ensuring you get the best optimization and security. On DreamHost the cms runs smoothly, fast and stable. We have tested it.

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